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Updated:  12:55pm on 2/19/17


Rainfall Wind
Current Temp: 47.2° ...feels like 45.6 °   Today's Rainfall: 0.06 in Current Wind: 4 mph
Yesterday @ 12:55pm:  44.1 Hourly Rainfall: 0.00 in Current Gust: 6 mph
Today's High: 48.1°  @ 10:47am Monthly Rainfall: 4.59 in Current Direction: SE
Yesterday's High: 44.9 @ 1:19pm Annual Rainfall: 7.49 in Today's High Gust: 26mph @ 11:22am
Today's Low: 39.7°  @ 6:30am Last 24 Hours Rainfall: 0.08 in Yesterday's High Wind: 12mph @ 2:05am
Yesterday's Low: 41.5 @ 7:11am Yesterday's Rainfall: Beaufort Scale*: (Click For Details)
  Days Without Rainfall:    
Barometer Humidity / Dew Point
Current Reading:  29.45 in/ (Steady) Current Humidity:   79%  
Hourly Rate: 0.003  Today's High:  96% @  5:26am
Today's High:  29.46 @ 12:21pm Today's Low:  75% @  10:56am
Today's Low:  29.36 @ 5:18am    
This Year Low: 29.08 on 1/20/17 Current Dew Point: 41.0°  
This Year High: 30.66  on 1/27/17 Today's High:  43.6° @ 10:19am  
  Today's Low:  38.4° @ 6:30am  
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